She is the last of her kind,
Saved by a woman and a dream.
A journey of two miles,
Moved by a brave and daring team.

Twelve, thirty one, fifty five,
She was winched across frozen ground.
Taking sixty five long days,
Reaching her new berth safe and sound.

Her days now spent near a friend,
The lighthouse from Colchester Reef .
Now you can stand between them
Scratching your head in disbelief.

Her grand staircase and hallways
All masterpieces from the past.
Hand carved and trimmed by craftsmen,
Built with pride and skill to last.

The walking beam and smokestack
All a symbol from bygone days.
Her whistle can still be heard
As if the TI were underway.


Written by Shelburne’s Poet Laureate, Rick Bessette

Dedicated to Electra Webb, Ralph Nading Hill, Alanson Fisher and Martin Fisher For their vision and passion for the TI, aAnd for the craftsmen past and present.