Alaska “The Great Outdoors”

I came to visit the great outdoors.
To see the tranquil waters there.
To feel the peace in vast wilderness;
Home to caribou, moose, and bear.

Danali “ the great one” majestic,
High enough to be heavens door.
Its peak keeps company with the stars;
A mountain meaning so much more.

I came to visit this land of dreams.
To let its quiet sooth my mind,
Where bald eagles dance with the wind;
Symbol of freedom for mankind.

Only in Alaska “ the great outdoors”
Wild is free to come and go,
To a place where time has left its mark,
Where the northern lights still softly glow.

Field of Dreams

High on a hill
In rolling fields of green,
I’m lost in this moment-
Lost in a dream.

Afternoon sun
Dressed the valley below,
The quiet revealing
A wondrous show.

Songbirds singing
Beneath a summer sky
In meadows of clover
Pleases the eye.

In the distance-
A squall line made its way
Along great mountain peaks
Darkened with grey.

Passing this way
When I was a young boy,
Walking next to my dad
Brought me great joy.

Time slips away
In a blink so it seems-
I’m still finding joy in
My field of dreams.

Winter Haven

I crossed the lonely meadow
Covered in a quilt of snow.
Pine and spruce on the far side,
Branches ladened, hanging low.

The light of the morning sun
Brought a sparkle to frosty air.
A cloudless blue sky above
Was invitation to be there.

I left the meadow behind
Seeking shelter beneath the trees,
And found within a haven,
Away from cold winter’s breeze.

Inside this spruce plantation
Where trees tower overhead,
Stillness fills the heart with peace
Without a word being said.

I’ve only left my footprints
In that meadow brilliantly white,
The silence there unbroken,
Untouched beauty to please my sight.

A Boy, A Rock, And A Fishing Pole

With tackle box and favorite rod
The young boy knows the way.
A place to fish, a place to dream,
A quiet place to spend the day.

It really doesn’t matter much,
In rain or hot sun.
Yes it’s true, he came for the sport
But mostly he came for the fun.

He takes his place upon the rock
That nature has carved smooth.
Trusting it will always be there,
For years, his rock has never moved.

Baiting his hook, he gives a sigh
Sitting down on his rock.
He tips his cap a certain way,
Resting his legs from the long walk.

Fond memories and great stories
Made here beside the stream,
But most of all he’s found a place
Where he can always come to dream.

Reaching For Hope

When night and day run together
And your fear and troubles great,
Go to that place beyond despair
Where hope and fulfillment wait.

Reach out o tired and trembling hand
For that which seems beyond far.
It’s there and waiting patiently,
Hope, a gift, a shining star.

Find strength in friends and family.
To your god there’s always prayer.
See beauty in your surroundings
Made for you with loving care.


p.s. Reaching for hope takes courage.