Seen in a Different Way

This morning on my way to work
I saw the world a different way
Greeted by green pastures and trees
The same ones I pass day after day

Along a graveled road that winds
Between rolling hills of velvet green
A paradise filled with beauty
Just waiting to be felt and seen

As bright morning sun creeps aloft
Nesting songbirds sing what’s in their heart
A cloudless sky hangs overhead
While wildflowers display their art

Sheep and cattle quietly graze
Beneath plantations of spruce and pine
So thankful for the time I’ve had
And treat it all as if it were mine

Pond Music (Barnes Hill Pond)

One long summer day
All alone to myself
I put work aside
Out of sight on a shelf

Went up to the pond
Where a cool breeze does blow
To hear the birds sing
Singing songs that I know

The bullfrogs and bees
Busy doing what they do
Dragonflies resting
On grass covered with dew

Down from the mountains
A cool wind blew its breeze
While on its way by
Gently brushing the trees

Cattails and lupine
To dress Barnes Hill Pond
Gives you a feeling
Not all treasures are gone