Tis the soft glow of candles,
It’s the scent of balsam fir.
It’s the pure white snow that falls,
That a cold north wind does stir.

It’s the crackling fire
In a fireplace at night.
It’s the taste of hot chocolate
And baked warm cookies in sight.

It’s the twinkling of lights
That are strung inside and out.
It’s in the joy of giving
That Christmas is all about.

It’s wishing neighbors and friends
Tidings of peace, health and good cheer.
It’s not just for this season,
But each day through the whole year.

Wishing you happiness and blessings
in the new year.


I have walked in fields of clover
And shared my time with the trees.
Listened to the sounds of nature,
Felt the touch from gentle breeze.

I’ve looked down on rolling meadows
From a hilltop high above.
Reminisced of my youthful days
That I keep fond memories of.

I have watched the sun disappear
Behind distant mountain range.
I have watched dark storm clouds gather;
Sensed inevitable change.

If all I ever had was lost
And my maker I would face,
I would give thanks for the journey,
For the chance to run the race.