We sat quietly side by side
On top of Mount Philo’s peak.
We watched the Summer sun go down
Leaving behind it’s orangie streak.

So many times we’ve shared this view
With the butterflies and birds.
Taking pictures with our cameras
Sharing feelings without words.

We used to speak of our old jeeps
And our journeys of the past,
From Bermuda to Las Vegas

So many things you’ve accomplished.
A great auto body man.
Your artistic skills were the best
With a strong and steady hand.

I’m thankful for time together.
Fond memories spent with you.
Though no words need pass between us,
We’re still buddies through and through.

Chasing Fireflies

With fond childhood memories
In the dimmest evening light,
Holding jar and lid in hopes
Of catching fireflies that night.

In wonderment and excitement
Your imagination soars.
Nature and all its many gifts
That can’t be found in a store.

To run, to scoop those tiny stars
That light for a second or two.
View their magic in that jar;
Setting them free when I’m through.