This morning I went to the forest
To visit a place that I know.
I call it “chapel in the woods”,
When I’m troubled, It’s where I go.

Great hemlocks towering to the sky.
Their canopies grown together,
Give shelter to those that linger here
From that of inclement weather.

While resting my back against hemlock
I ponder my thoughts of this day.
Sharing space with flora and fauna,
Listening to what is conveyed.

The choir is made up of songbirds
That sing to a cool Autumn breeze,
And rustling leaves in the tree tops
Have only the forest to please.

I came for solitude and silence
And companionship of the trees.
I leave with a peace in mind and heart.
A gift from the birds and the breeze.


Tis only the sound of crickets
And screech of a red tailed hawk,
A breeze to stir the old oak leaves
That welcome me on my walk.

Shades of green in rolling meadows,
The scent of clover nearby,
Where monarchs dance with up swept wing
Wait for last nights dew to dry.

I found a road less traveled on
That winds between hardwood trees,
And therein waits, those shades of green
That seldom a walker sees.

These sounds, these scents and these colors
Home to all that search and find.
A gift to those that understand
This is peace for all mankind.

Our Goal

Is it not our goal in life
To be happy – to be free?
Not to be just content,
But be all that one can be.

A need to be successful,
The road to riches fast,
But know in the end
It’s guaranteed not to last.

Let patience be your virtue,
With sunrise meditate.
In silence be receptive,
In silence learn to wait.