Stopping By The Woods

On this cold winter evening
In woods filled with new snow,
We stopped to rest the horses
Beneath branches bent low.

In a still muffled dimness
The trees beckoned to speak.
While the old wooden sleigh frame
Sat settling with a creak.

The team given a whistle
And harnesses a shake,
Chimed the ringing of sleigh bells
Worn by Jerry and Jake.

Remembering Barbra

I see you in the sunsets,
Hear you in a gentle breeze
That brushes wild flowers
In meadows beyond the trees.

Views of the Adirondacks
That we in silence shared.
Your love for these green mountains,
Yes, your spirit lingers there.

Now you fly on angel’s wing.
I’ll look to the brightest star.
A place of peace and comfort,
I know that’s where you are.

So until we meet again,
I shall keep on loving you.
Know that you are by my side
In all that I see and do.

Love Your Library

Come in search of knowledge
Or a novel to relax.
Walk the aisles of waiting books;
Find history’s printed facts.
Come, love your library;
It’s not that hard to do.
Be thankful that we have one;
Waiting here just for you.

January Column

A couple of years ago I visited a beautiful property that I worked at occasionally in Waterbury Center. The property is remote and untouched, a landscape where meadows and forest share the acres of peace and quiet. It is a haven for wildlife and on that particular day a haven for me. After the holidays and busy schedules subside I hope that you may find a place to be a haven of rest and peace for you.

At The Feeder

Each morning they come
With the sunrise they fly.
Looking for breakfast
To the feeders hung high.

Finches and bluebirds
Cardinals, swallows and doves,
Darting and swarming,
Nudges turn into shoves.

And there on the ground,
Squirrels impatiently wait
For the seed kicked out
At an alarming rate.

This show takes a twist
As dominance sets in,
Yes big daddy squirrel
Rules the turf once again.

Best of luck to those
Thinking you’ve got them beat.
They’ll climb anything
With those sharp little feet.

A Firefighter’s Prayer

Give me the strength and courage
To respond without delay-
To answer a call in need
No matter the time of day-

May you guide my every thought
And every step my boots take-
Accept responsibility
In decisions that I make-

I will wear this uniform
With great pride and dignity-
Honor those past volunteers
That served our community-